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 Post subject: First and Final Road Trip for my Wagoneer (Long Post)
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:52 pm 
Killed his Hooptie Geo Prism
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My first FSJ was an '82 Limited, powered by a sick 258 I6.
When the I6 ceased up, I went shopping for a new engine.

I found this '86 Grand Wag on eBay, that had been wrecked in the front, but had a recently rebuilt 360 with about 10-12K miles.
I bought the '86 as a engine donor for my '82.
(WOW, what little did I know in those days, a noobie swapping a 258 for a 360)

But after I saw how great the condition of the '86 was in, less the accident damage, I used the '82 as a donor for the sheet metal for my '86.
It was just sheet metal damage to my '86...nothing structural or mechanical.
The frame was tweaked some, but I paid to have it professionally straighten.
The front fenders and radiator core are from the '82.
The driver door has a little work done to it's leading edge, where the fender was pushed back into it.
There is much bodywork to do before it would be back in pristine condition.
I just threw the '82 sheetmetal on it to see it whole and running.
It is very complete, just not beautiful.
The idea was to go back, finish the bodywork and paint it.

[you]The Good:[/you]
No rust!
Fresh AMC 360, bored 30 over, stock cam, have receipts for all the work.
3" Rough Country lift kit.
Lots of tread left on a set Dayton 31" MT tires
No Wood!
Sunroof works and does not leak!

[you]The Bad:[/you]
The blinkers do not work.
The wipers do not work.
The driver's window is the only one that rolls down.
The passenger rear door glass will not roll up to the top.
Driver's seat is a clothe unit from some Japanese import.
Sagging headliner.
Exhaust is rotten.
AC has been converted to R134 but has leaked out.
The entire front clip should be removed and installed proper.
Lots of dings and waves in the body...not 100% straight.
Lots of other little things.

It has not moved from beside my house in over 6+ years.
I took it once to an Indiana Jeep Meet and Greet
Once in a while I would drive to my local gas station.

The last couple of years, as I worked on the J20, I used the Wagoneer as a parts rig.

I've been on again, off again, wanting to sell it, keep it for a Diesel Swap Project...wishy/washy.
I had some fellow last year stop and wanted to buy it, but he never came back with the $$$.

JeepBountyHunter from the IFSJA forum wanted to buy it.
His name is Aaron Davis and lives near Marion, Ohio.
We talked about it several times, but we never could seem to close the deal.

Recently, my family and I are facing a serious crisis and very difficult times.
Bottom line, the Wagoneer needed to go.
I contacted Aaron and told him if he still wanted it, the Wag is his.
We would work out the details later, but I was wanting to bring him the Wagoneer in a couple of days.
Sorry to everyone that may have wanted a chance to kick the tires,
but I really did not have time to mess with posting it for sale here and dealing with all that...

So, my family took the Wagoneer on its first and last road trip.
For a rig that has not been anywhere for a very long time, it performed great.

Here is my son, Nathan, my FSJ Jeep Assistant, posing for shots at our local Speedway gas station before we head off on this adventure.




Here we are en route:



I keep being asked if I am sad that I let it go or I regret my decision.
My answer is No.
This was the first FSJ that I owned that I was able to drive and I had some big plans for it.
I am very happy that it went to a fellow FSJ Enthusiast like Aaron, that will appreciate its potential, like I did.
I will miss it, but I am okay with that.

I've had several dealings with Aaron and he is a super nice stand-up kinda fellow.
I was very pleased that he took my rig and while it is no longer my dream, I feel that he will make it his dream.

So, my Diesel Wagoneer project is officially canceled.

Bryan Smith
2004 KIA Optima (wife 's DD)
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (my DD)
1993 GMC 3500 extended length cargo van, 6.2L Diesel powered.
1982 J10 - current project, replacement AMC 360 sitting in the engine bay.
1981 J20 - stock with a super kewl commercial flat bed (stored, long term Diesel dually project)

 Post subject: Re: First and Final Road Trip for my Wagoneer (Long Post)
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:36 pm 
Thread Necromancer
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Sorry to see ya had to let it go, looks pretty clean. But sometimes its best to let go of things.
I hope that your family crisis gets well and resolved.
Atleast you still have your J trucks :2up:

Jeeper4Life wrote:
noone means any harm and that it's all in fun.. but then there's kennedy..

'46CJ2a/buggy project in the works, yeah, still have those parts.
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 Post subject: Re: First and Final Road Trip for my Wagoneer (Long Post)
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:17 am 
what happened to his hands...scouting accident....lmao

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